Motorbike Route Potenza-Matera

Potenza-Matera: Route Nature and Culture

Discovering the cities of the Basilicata region and interesting villages


The tour starts from Potenza, the capital of the region, situated in the upper Basento Valley at 819 metres above sea level along an Apennine ridge, north of the Dolomiti Lucane mountain range.
The second stop is Grumentum,Located within the Appennino Lucano Val d’Agri – Lagonegrese National Park, not far from Grumento Nova, the archaeological park preserves the ruins of an ancient Roman city from the third century BC, featuring a well-preserved urban layout.
Considered the “Little Lucanian Pompeii,” there are three areas of great interest: the Augustus era theatre, the forum and the ruins of the amphitheatre.
Pertusillo Lake is on the way to, Guardia Perticara, A beautiful medieval village situated 750 metres above sea level, in the setting of the Val d’Agri, surrounded by unspoilt nature, streams and watercourses. It has been included on the list of Italy’s most beautiful villages because of its unique qualities.
The next stop is Pietrapertosa, located at 1088 metres above sea level, it is the highest municipality in Basilicata. Entirely built on the rock of the impressive Dolomiti Lucane mountain range.

Through the Gallipoli Cognato and Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Regional Park there is Accettura Adventure Park.
The next stop is Grassano, the birthplace of the artist Franco Artese, a leading figure in the Neapolitan nativity scene school, who is known for donating a nativity scene set in the Sassi of Matera to the Vatican.
The route ends in Matera,the city of the Sassi. A magical land, where the past and future intertwine in a whirlwind of beauty, catapulting unsuspecting visitors into a dimension that exists beyond time.