Itinerary on horseback Valle Di Vitalba – San Fele/Muro Lucano | 2 Days

This is a circular route set in the north-western part of the region, which can be travelled in two opposite directions with the possibility of choosing which of the two sides to tackle first.
Direction Valle di Vitalba – Atella Starting point, Atella. A convenient choice due to the facilities in the area as well as the encouraging view of the valley that recedes until it is interrupted by the slopes of Monte Vulture. Cross the Fiumara di Atella river, heading east, and continue towards San Fele. The water courses along this route play a pivotal role. In the form of small rivers or waterfalls, they make the walk dynamic and give the rest areas a certain countryside charming, painting a habitat more suited to the horses. Then we find ourselves faced with the three municipalities that occupy the valley: Ruvo del Monte, Rapone and San Fele, nestled between the peaks of Monte Castello and Monte Toretta. Finally we approach the town of San Fele. Upon leaving the town of San Fele, the splendid landscape opens up before your eyes, featuring glorious waterfalls!
The second part of the journey opens with a cheerful horseback ride to an altitude of 1,200 meters up Monte Pierno, home to one of the two largest Marian sanctuaries in the area. Heading up the charming hill, you will enter a dense, lush, centuries-old beech forest. This leads to the well-known Sanctuary, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation that recedes only to make room for the many bodies of water. A few more kilometres of farmland and you reach the castle of Sant’Ilario, a hamlet of Atella.