Itinerary on horseback Valle Di Vitalba – Melfi | 3 Days

A journey into the past through an area steeped in history, an immersion in the changing and brilliant colours that mark the seasons, a journey through grandiose monuments and unique landscapes! All this is possible by crossing the Vulture Melfese and Alto Bradano on horseback.

The starting point is Atella, an ancient Roman settlement from which you head towards Lagopesole along the SS 93 road for about 15 km, first passing through the countryside of Filiano. Once you arrive at the Castle of Lagopesole, however, a tour of the large hunting estate of Frederick II is a must. Then it’s back on horseback for another 15 km, taking the SS 93 road as a reference, heading towards San Giorgio di Pietragalla, where this time the eye is caught by Parco Urbano di Palmenti park and after 32 km, Acerenza, the “cathedral city”, where an overnight stop is necessary at this point of the journey.
We set off for Forenza, where you can hear legends about the Templars, while on the third day we head to the heart of the Vulture, Melfi. From Melfi the journey continues for about twenty kilometres to Ripacandida, where the Sanctuary of San Donato, with its frescoes similar to those of the Basilica of Assisi, is a great destination for pilgrimages and an object of popular devotion. We then head towards Ginestra and Barile. From Barile continue to the “capital of Aglianico”, Rionero in Vulture, home to countless wine cellarsexcavated in the tuff. The route ends in Atella