Itinerary on horseback Matera – Pollino | 3 Days

We are in Matera, with its charm dictated by the spectacular composition of the Sassi. This is where this itinerary begins, in eastern Basilicata, to then move south-west to conquer the peaks of Pollino.

The starting point is Matera, the ‘Città dei Sassi’, where you should lookpath for the towards the lake of San Giuliano through the Natural Historical Archaeological Park of the Rupestrian Churches of Matera. Ride on until you see the silhouette of the Malconsiglio Castle which, erected on a hill, anticipates your arrival to the municipality of Miglionico. Now you can gallop up to Ferrandina, where you will need to stay overnight to let the horses rest.
On the second day, set off on the SP Ferrandina/Stigliano provincial road with a short detour to the “ghost town”, Craco, which in the distance resembles a sculpture of medieval origins. Here you can glimpse the impressive badlands that surround Aliano, where Carlo Levi was imprisoned. Leaving Aliano, head back to the verdant Missanello, an ideal location to stop and taste the typical local dishes before arriving in the “city of wine”, Roccanova. After Roccanova you’ll find yourself in the Pollino National Park. Continue alongside Castronuovo Sant’Andrea and then towards Chiaromonte with a brief stop at the Lake of Monte Cotugno, the largest clay dam in Europe. From here on the route becomes dynamic, with the descent towards the Sinni river followed by an uphill stretch towards Monte Caramola, at 1,100 meters above sea level, and finally with the finish line, at San Severino Lucano,