Itinerary on horseback Brindisi Di Montagna – Laurenzana | 2 Days

A new setting awaits us, characterised by incredible and rare naturalistic beauty that makes the itinerary unique. A page of Italian and Lucanian history that can leave an even deeper, indelible mark when “read” on horseback.

The itinerary starts from Brindisi di Montagna which marks the start of the route, split into two main directions. On horseback, leave the small town and head towards Laurenzana, where you should take the opportunity for the only long stop of the journey, first crossing a series of municipalities set among the Lucanian Dolomites or surrounded by greenery or, again, hidden in the dense woods. The first stop, after about 16 km, is Trivigno. Continue for another 15 km on an ancient sheep track until you get to Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano. Continuing along the paths intoxicated by the wild scent of chestnut, lime and elm barks, you will reach Accettura. This is a village totally surrounded by greenery, known for the patronal feast “Il Maggio di Accettura”. About thirty kilometres to the west, among the beech woods that delimit the Gallipoli Cognato Park, you will come to Laurenzana, where a well-deserved rest awaits.
The following day the second part of the journey begins, starting at a gallop among the colours and stunning landscapes of the Lucanian Apennine National Park, towards municipalities such as Calvello, Abriola and Pignola, to the final stretch in Rifreddo, a suggestive place that stands in a wood and where you can stop to savour the local delicacies and recover your energy before heading downhill to Brindisi di Montagna and then return to Grancia.