The Pistachio groves of Stigliano are the largest row crops of this nut, which is so difficult to grow, in the entire country. Today the product is recognised and sold throughout Italy not only in the form of fruit, but also pesto, flour, cream or pure pistachio paste, true delights for all palates.
The idea of creating an agricultural production of this type in Stigliano was born in the 1990s, when the first pistachio trees were imported from Greece. Since then, the cultivation of Stigliano pistachios has greatly expanded, becoming one of the largest in Europe.
The pistachio is a nut with countless beneficial qualities and multiple uses. It contains Vitamin A, iron and phosphorus and is able to help lower the percentage of cholesterol in the blood; it can be eaten natural or toasted, and can be used to make ice cream and many other sweet and savoury foods.