Have you ever wondered why it is called Lucanica? Roman history attests to the Lucanian origins of the famous salami enjoyed all over the world.
Cicero, Martial and Varro credit us Lucanians with the origin of “lucanica”, commonly known as sausage. According to the ancient writings, the Lucanica was introduced to Rome by the Lucanian slaves: meat minced, salted and stuffed into a casing so it could be stored for a long time. It got its name because the soldiers had learned how to prepare it from the Lucanian slaves. Subsequently, Apicius provided a recipe to prepare it and, since then, “lucanica” became synonymous with “sausage”
It is produced throughout Basilicata but, to taste the most famous Lucanian cured meat, you have to start from the Valle del Marmo-Platano Melandro valley. It is produced in several municipalities of the province of Potenza but in particular in Picerno, where the Lucanica has obtained the recognition of PGI (protected geographical indication) and the Lucanica Consortium was founded.
Sweet or spicy, it is also exported outside the region. It can be enjoyed both fresh and cured in many typical dishes and is a mainstay of Lucanian dinner table!