Dried in the sun, in purple garlands, they decorate the alleys of the historic centres and embellish Lucanian dishes. “Cruschi” Peppers of Senise PGI are precious jewels of taste able to enhance any dish.
Alone, with pasta or salt cod, but also fried with egg and sausage, and in other delicious recipes, the crunchy and tasty peppers are a source of pride for the Lucanian cuisine, a surprise for those who discover them, an indispensable confirmation for those who already know them.
The unmistakable crunchiness is obtained from careful drying in the sun in long “nzerte” which, hung from the balconies, decorate the alleys of the ancient Lucanian villages. With a sweet taste, the Senise Cruschi peppers are offered as an appetiser, in first and second courses. In fact the association with the “strascinati” – one of the many types of pasta rigorously prepared by the expert hands of Lucanian housewives – is delicious, sprinkled with salted ricotta, or with salt cod, a must in the local cuisine.
In August, the sacred “Days of the Peperone di Senise. U Strittul ru Zafaran” is dedicated to this local tradition, during which it is possible to savour the crunchy products in all the dishes in which it stars.