A tree man covered with ivy, the plant that covers the forests of Satriano di Lucania. The “Rumit” is the protagonist of the Carnival, but also a tree ritual of the municipality which falls within the Parco Nazionale dell’appennino Lucano.

The rite sings the praises of nature and its strong ties to man and, on the Saturday before Shrove Tuesday, there is a walking forest, composed of 131 Rumits, representing the number of towns in Basilicata, launching an ecological message and turning one of the town’s squares green. The starting point is the film installation “Alberi” (‘Trees’) by Michelangelo Frammartino, already presented at the MO.MA in New York.

On the morning of the Sunday before Shrove Tuesday, as per tradition, the spontaneous Rumit roam the streets of the town knocking on doors and leaving good wishes in exchange for a gift.

In the afternoon the parade of other typical masks takes place: l’Orso (the bear), la Quaresima (Lent) and the staging of the “marriage” with the exchange of roles.

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