International Museum of Grafica – Library “Alessandro Appella” – Atelier chalcographic “Guido Strazza”

Thirty thousand books and 1350 prints by some of the most important contemporary artists are housed at the MIG, the Interna- tional Museum of Graphics. The museum is known for its excellence across the villages of the Pollino National Park, including Castronuovo di Sant’Andrea, and the entire Basilicata region. In the Museum-Library, the past (Degas, Renoir, Matisse, Bonnard, Picasso, Mirò) is reinterpreted in a mul- ti-faceted way, to better understand the present (Maccari, Melotti, Marino, Accardi). Accurate educational activities are also carried out.

Moreover, the village of Castronuovo boasts two hundred Nativity scenes from all over the world. Housed in the Museo Internazionale del Presepio Vanni Scheiwiller (International Nativity Scene Museum), these artworks come from the collection
of Vanni Scheiwiller, a famous Milanese publisher and that of Giuseppe Appella, an art historian from Castronuovo.

Since August 2017, the four existing cultu- ral centres have been joined by the Museo della Vita e delle Opere di Sant’Andrea Avellino (museum of the life and works of Saint Andrea Avellino). The museum is a treasure trove of relics, books, paintings, drawings and graphic works, which narrate the historical and theological story of this saint, born in Castronuovo and intimate friend of Saint Carlo Borromeo and Saint Filippo Neri.