The National Museum of the Siritide of Policoro

The National Museum of the Siritide of Policoro displays documents from the prehistoric and medieval ages and traces of the ancient Greek culture and the gradual hellenisation of the hinterland. Large display cabinets hold many finds discovered during the long excavation activities carried out in the area and started by archaeologist Dinu Adamesteanu in the 1960s. The museum offers its visi- tors a fascinating journey into discovering history and ancient culture, displaying finds coming from princes and warriors’ tombstones, Greek and Lucanian places of worship, precious jewels and fine pottery. The museum houses the materials and reconstructions of the different phases of the famous city of Siris – with votive statues and funerary objects (7th-6th century BC) and painted pottery of local production – and the Herakleia phase, through statuettes, votive objects and funerary objects (4th-3rd century BC).

The museum is adjacent to the archaeolo- gical park which includes the acropolis of Herakleia, founded in 433/32 BC, and the urban sanctuaries.