The National Archaeological Museum of Melfi “Massimo Pallottino”

The National Archaeological Museum of Melfi, enclosed within the Norman Swabian Castle of the village, narrates the story of
the people who had lived in the Melfi area. The classical section goes from the 4th-3rd century BC, the Roman period starts from the 2nd century BC, while the archaic phase co- vers the period from the 7th-6th century BC, showing significant archaeological documen- ts found in the area. The Roman era is docu- mented by the splendid funerary monument of the 2nd century AD, the Sarcophagus of Rapolla, attributed to workshops in Asia Mi- nor. Along the itinerary, you can visit the Sale Doria, halls with some original 18th-century furnishings and 17th-century paintings.