Tursi, the Literary Park of Albino Pierro

Established in the home town of Albino Pierro, the Park is dedicated to this dialect poet who was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

“How am I to do  my Madonna, / as I do? /I’ve left the country / which gave me the breath of heaven, / and now in this town, / I slam in his face only the walls, / many things haunt me and cries, / like a vermicaio”  In the poem “ Was written on his face” (“Le porte scritte nfàcce”), Albino Pierro confirms his strong bond with his land, which has been honoured by the village of Tursi through the creation of the Literary Park.

The park, managed by the Centro Studi Albino Pierro (Albino Pierro research centre), offers a great view on the beautiful clay landscape known as Calanchi and the Sanctuary of the Santa Maria d’Anglona. Looking upwards, you will enjoy the charming sight of the Rabatana, the old town of Tursi, surrounded by the ravines and gullies – called “jaramme” (dialect term) by the poet – that, along with the houses made in brick and stone, a legacy left by the Saracens, make this small town an astonishing example of spontaneous architecture.

Inside the Park there is the Museum of Albino Pierro’s Poetry, which permanently houses a collection of paintings by Lucanian artists such as Nino Tricarico and Antonio Masini, whose works have been inspired by this important and famous poet.

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