Literary Park Federico II of Melfi

The Federico II Literary Park was established in 2015, located in Melfi, and named after Frederick II, emperor and politician, a man of great culture and open-mindedness (his court in Palermo was a meeting place between Greek, Jewish, Christian and Arabic cultures). He was also a writer and poet, but not in the classical sense of the term. In fact, Frederick II had an important role in promoting literature through the poetry of the Sicilian School, he himself wrote the “De Arte Venandi cum Avibus”, as well as having given a mandate to Pier delle Vigne, Papignani and others to renew the laws, work that in 1231 led to the promulgation of the Constitutions of Melfi, collected in the Liber Augustalis.
The objective of the Melfi literary park is to combine the agricultural and engineering interest, which today most characterises the area, with culture. Precisely to promote and make the natural and cultural assets of this territory accessible, the park hosts dedicated events of considerable cultural depth, absolutely not to be missed.