The Castle of Venosa

Built between 1460 and 1470 upon the ruins of a Romanesque cathedral, today this impressive castle dominates the historical centre of Venosa, birthplace of one of the greatest Roman poets – Horace. Today part of the castle houses the National Archaeological Museum.

The new fortress commissioned by the Duke of Pirro del Balzo was part of a urbanisation project to be developed around the village.

The castle has four cylindrical towers, located at each corner of the quadrangular plant, a deep moat and a large courtyard surrounded by a loggiato built in the Renaissance style.

From the loggiato you can enter the municipal library and two great halls, with vaults depicting allegorical symbols of the 18th century, while the entrance hall leads to the walkway.

Part of the gallery houses the National Archaeological Museum, which keeps several documents on the the town and its surroundings, dating back to the Roman period, Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages.