Malconsiglio castle in Miglionico

Situated on a hilltop, the town of Miglionico develops around the imposing Malconsiglio Castle (8th-9th century AD) flanked by six towers, which dominates the entire Bradano valley. The name of the castle is linked to the bloody story of the conspiracy of the Barons of the Kingdom of Naples against King Ferdinand I of Aragon (1485). The voices of the protagonists of that momentous historical event – the Sanseverino, Guevara, Del Balzo, Caracciolo and Acquaviva, King Ferdinand I of Aragon himself and his son Alfonso – still echo in the “Sala del Malconsiglio” hall.  Thanks to the multimedia path “Discovering the Conspiracy of the Barons” visitors are guided through the story of the intricate event that took place inside the manor.